"MAVIPACK” ltd - your successful partner in packaging


Ubi concordia, ibi victoria!
Agreement leads to victory!


You are looking for a high-quality packaging at good price?  Are you tired of worrying about the observing of the agreed parameters? You want to receive an effective help from the phase of the design to the production usage? - then our services are all those things, that you need.


About us

We are a trading company, founded in 1991 with headquarters in Sofia. Our main activities are professional and reliable services in packaging. In the course of our work we proved to be one of the leading companies in Bulgaria in the field of soft packs of rotogravure printing.

During all this time we have built solid long-term partnerships with different companies from Bulgaria and the Balkan Peninsula.
Our success is based on:

  • Professionalism and competence; 
  • Business ethics;
  • Good business practices;
  • Extensive experience;

"Mavipak" is the exclusive representative for Bulgaria and Southeastern Europe of ASAS company - one of the leading world producers of soft packaging with rotogravure printing.


We work in the following sectors:

  • Chocolate and sugar products;
  • Frozen products;
  • Meat products;
  • Nuts, crisps and snacks;
  • Bread and Crackers;
  • Cafes;
  • Juices;


Our mission is to offer our customers products and services of excellent quality. We strive for continuous development through building long-term and beneficial relations with our business partners and by encouraging the professional development of our employees.



Our company is modern and growing;

We rely on long-term and correct relations with our partners;

The Quality of service and customer care are very important for us;

Our company develops its relations with partners from Bulgaria and the entire Balkan region based on its experience, professionalism and competence, observing the principles of business ethics and good business practice. This allows an expansion not only in our sphere of activity but also in the range of goods and services that we offer to our customers.
Soft packaging with rotogravure printing is preferred for its high-quality printing, eye-catching look of the final product, automation of production and higher productivity.


For more than 12 years Mavipak has been the official representative of "ASAS" for Southeast Europe."ASAS" Turkey has representatives on 4 continents. Both plants in Ankara (1978) and Bucharest (2001) create quality packaging for our partners from Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia, Kosovo, Britain, Russia, Germany, France, USA, Slovenia, Belgium, South African Republic and others, with an annual capacity of more than 22 000 tons.

From 2011 "ASAS" is part of Constantia Flexibles Austria - a leading manufacturer of packaging for foods, pharmacy and beverages. Constantia Flexibles has more than 5,000 employees in over than 50 companies in 20 countries and provides innovative solutions for packaging worldwide.

An important part of your successful business is exactly the packaging - your message to the client. As a loyal partner, we will offer you superior rotogravure printing with vivid colors and impressive design for incredible market presence.


Why to work with Mavipak? We offer:

 - Complete service from the beginning to the end
 - Consulting to your designs
 - Competitive prices
 - Good terms of delivery
 - Optimal Order Quantity
 - Colors – print to 10 colors
 - Uncompromising print quality and material


Make yourself sure of the success of packaging and become part of our big family. You will achieve remarkable sales with our packages. Our team calmly called our satisfied customers - partners. So, become our partner!



Yours faithfully,
We stand behind your ideas!